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Bilingual in English and Spanish

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Welcome to Valenzuela & Montoya, LLP

We understand that family law disputes tend to cause stress, anxiety and even emotional exhaustion. However, you do not have to handle your family law matter on your own. Valenzuela & Montoya, LLP is here to provide you with professional and compassionate step-by-step guidance during possibly one of the most difficult times in your life. Our office strives to relieve the burdens and stress that family law disputes may unfortunately bring.

It is true that family matters, such as divorce and child custody disputes, bring uncertainty into your life. The steps that you take and decisions that you make have an impact on your family's future. Choosing the right attorney to represent you in your family law matter is one of the first decisions you may need to make.


Valenzuela & Montoya  is a respected and reputable family law firm that has years of experience handling family law matters in Sacramento County and surrounding counties. They are efficient with your time and highly dedicated to resolving your family law disputes. 


Read more about what some of Vanessa Valenzuela’s past and current clients have said about their experience in working with her.


Read more about what some of Morgan L. Montoya's past and current clients have said about their experience in working with her. 

Family Law Practice Areas

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Divorce &
Legal Separation
Spousal Support
Establish Parentage
Child Custody & Visitation
Domestic Violence Restraining Order
Child Support
Scope Services

Offering Unbundled and Limited

Scope Family Law Services

Valenzuela & Montoya, LLP strives to provide affordable legal representation to the Greater Sacramento community. If you cannot afford to hire our office to represent you during the entirety of your family law proceedings, you may still be able to hire our office to provide you with unbundled or limited scope legal services instead. You can learn more about our unbundled and limited scope services here.

Bilingual Services - Fluency in

English and Spanish

Attorney Vanessa Valenzuela is one of the few native and fluent Spanish-speaking family law attorneys in the Greater Sacramento area. It is crucial that you are able to clearly communicate with an attorney that speaks the same language as you do, especially when you are communicating about family law-related issues, such as divorce, child custody, and the division of your marital assets and debts. 

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