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Spousal Support (alimony)

The issue of spousal support (or alimony) is very complex in California and therefore an experienced divorce attorney can ensure that you understand the law with regard to spousal support and the process of obtaining a spousal support award. 


In California, a family court may issue both “temporary” and “permanent” spousal support awards in a divorce matter:


Temporary spousal support is usually awarded during the divorce process, but before a divorce judgment is entered. 


Permanent (or long-term) spousal support is issued after a divorce judgment is entered. 


The difference between “temporary” and “permanent” spousal support is often times confusing to understand.

An experienced divorce attorney can ensure that you understand the difference between both. 


Spouses are sometimes able to come to agreements regarding spousal support, but the reality is that many times spousal support issues will need to be addressed at a court hearing so that the family court can determine whether a spousal support award is appropriate. 


In California, family court judges have discretion in determining whether spousal support should be awarded. California family courts make decisions pertaining to spousal support by considering various factors pursuant to California Family Code Section 4320. California family courts also use a specific formula to calculate “temporary” spousal support awards. 


If a California family court determines that spousal support is to be awarded to a spouse, the court must then determine the amount and the duration of such spousal support award. Our office can walk you through the factors that the Court must consider by law and we may also be able to assist you with running some temporary spousal support calculations using the specific formula that the family court in Sacramento county or another surrounding county uses.  


Please do not hesitate to contact Valenzuela & Montoya, LLP if you wish to speak

with an experienced spousal support attorney in Sacramento.

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